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­Clean+Green Marina Waste Management­

Dedicated to making the quality of our marine environment safe for the world's future generations.

The Solution

The solution to marine hazardous waste management is delivered by integrating exclusive EPA approved products and services in a multi-tiered system that has been specifically designed to eliminate hazardous waste discharge from vessels. This is the first and only environmentally sound solution to address both sewage discharge and oil/fuel discharge from the bilge. Our unique “closed-loop” system is reinforced by each component to ensure maximum effectiveness and safety. We are here to help, not enforce. Accidents happen, but we insure that your marina is doing everything possible to be in complete EPA compliance.

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Trace Marine Partners with leading boat manufacturers to design and build our exclusive new work vessels that provide the highest level of environmental functionality/safety exceeding EPA standards.

Trace Marine utilizes a patented bilge sock, which is chemically selective for absorbing petroleum hydrocarbons and based upon tests, prevents the absorbed oil from leaching in a landfill environment.