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I am extremely proud to be associated with Richard Brister, the Chairman and CEO of Trace Marine Environment, whose vision to craft a comprehensive pollution prevention system for boaters around the world inspires me. The objective of Trace Marine not only promotes the betterment of our oceans for future generations, but also invests in the practical education of young adults by placing this responsibility in their hands.

Trace Marine Environment recognizes and encourages personal growth and is dedicated to furthering the education of college students through real world experience. Interns on the frontier of our fresh, innovative program will be introduced to the marine industry across the United States. The support for Trace speaks for itself. Key personnel at many prominent boating and waterway agencies have specifically requested Trace Marine representatives to assist them. Clearly, the connections and advancement opportunities presented to these selected interns are staggering. Though the internship program will be based at the University of Southern California, interns will be recruited from colleges and universities in all fifty states. The goal of the program is simple. Trace Marine wishes to empower students to actively engage in the recovery of the oceanic environment. Together, with Trace Marine's guidance, interns will assist local agencies with planning and executing a variety of environmental endeavors. Students involved as interns will always have a home in the Trace Marine family, and many will have the opportunity to be hired once out of college. Students will also have a viable framework from which to make choices about their future. What better foundation to base a career choice upon than working from the grassroots level? We hope our program will provide an ever expanding pool of talented individuals to fill a growing list of vital roles. A purely humanitarian undertone pervades this company as it works to assist in cleaning our marine environment.

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