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Trace Marine's Clean Marine Program is comprehensive yet simple. Your marina will be able to choose from several options that Trace Marine offers. This program will enhance your marina's water quality while providing financial incentives and value-added propositions. Besides the annual replacement of bilge socks, our program is full-service to boat owners. The following describes our comprehensive multi-tier 3-step program designed specifically for marinas.

Trace Marine provides monthly and on-demand valet pump-out of the holding tanks to prevent accidental fecal discharge. To prevent oil discharge, we utilize proprietary bilge pads/socks inside the boats to capture leaking fuel/oil. Our pads/socks are made with patented and exclusive materials to prevent “absorbed” oil from leaching - turning a potential hazardous material into harmless trash. Each year boat owners receive a sufficient supply of bilge pads/socks plus on-demand needs.


During pumpouts, color dye tablets are inserted into holding tanks to detect accidental leakage. A highly visible and traceable fluorescent trail alerts boat owners to potential leaks or other problems. Our dye tabs are approved by the EPA and NSF (National Sanitation Foundation). They are biodegradable, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and will not stain boats. Trace Marine is here to help. We are NOT in the business of enforcement.

Full-time pumpout boat operators in marinas will provide regular marina cleanup service to capture free-floating hazardous materials. We respond quickly to on-demand spill containment and hazmat cleanup. After the implementation of our program, discharge is reduced and boater awareness is increased. Responsible boaters who actively participate will inspire their fellow boaters to practice responsible boating practices. Hopefully, a "viral involvement" mechanism will commence. Once this occurs, we will all be part of the solution and dramatic changes will take place.

What The Boat Owner Receives With Our Program:
Annual supply of absorbent Trace Marine Bilge Socks/Pads

Detailed instructions for Sock/Pad placement

Bi-monthly pumpouts in-season

Monthly pumpouts off-season

On-demand pumpout service as needed

What The Marina Receives With Our Program:
Several products and options are available to choose from:

1. A Trace Marine Pumpout Boat
2. Pump out boat operators 
3. Emergency spill kit
4. A complete coast guard kit including a 100' boom to contain accidental oil spills from vessels moored in your marina.

5. Optional. For a small fee, Trace Marine will provide your marina with a trash/oil skimmer that will bring you an entirely new level of clean!

Interested marina owners/operators, please click here.